Two Stage Crusher

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The Handling Materials and Description of Two Stage Crusher:

This machine is suitable for crushing feldspar, limestone, slag in the brick plant, construction wastes and so on, thus solving the problems of crushing high-humidity materials such as gangue and coal cinder which are often used as additive materials and fuel and for producing standard brick and air brick.

Two Stage Crusher

The Performance Characteristics of Two Stage Crusher:

1. Two-stage crusher is suitable for the fine crushing of crisp materials with no blockage, low powder dust pollution and low noise.

2. Two-stage crusher shortens the time that the materials stay in the crushing chamber, thus extending the service life of the easy-wearing parts.

3. The installation is very convenient, thus greatly improving the flexibility of the equipment.



1. This series of crusher continuously crushes materials through two rotors without grating bar device and all kinds of wet slag can be crushed. Even the materials that are just got out from water can be crushed and there will be no blockage. To control the material size, the workers can just adjust the gap between the two crushing hammers. As for the common crushers, since the materials often stay in the crushing chamber and block the it, so that the abrasion of the relevant spare parts will be intensified, but this series of crusher can totally avoid this.

2. Two-stage crusher adopts high alloy wear-resisting hammer, and the hammer and hammer handle can be used together, so that when the hammer is abraded, the workers can just change the hammer without changing the hammer handle.

Working principle

When two-stage crusher works, driven by the two electric motors, the two sets of rotors that are connected together rotate with high speed at the same time, and the materials inside the chamber are crushed first by the higher rotor and then further crushed by the lower rotor rotating with high speed, and the materials inside the inner chamber will also hit and crush with each other until the materials are crushed to powders and become coal cinder particles whose discharging granularity is smaller than 3mm and this granularity can totally satisfy the requirement of brick plant that uses the coal cinder particles as fuel for making brick.

Technical data

Specification ZPCΦ600×600 ZPCΦ800×600 ZPCΦ1000×800 ZPCΦ1200×1000 ZPCΦ1400×1200 ZPCΦ1600×1400
≤100 ≤120 ≤160 ≤200 ≤200 ≤200
≤3(Adjustable) ≤3(Adjustable) ≤3(Adjustable) ≤3(Adjustable) ≤3(Adjustable) ≤3(Adjustable)
20-30 35-55 60-90 80-120 100-140 120-180
22KW×2 45KW+55KW 55KW+75KW 90KW+110KW 132KW+160KW 160KW+200KW
No requirement No requirement No requirement No requirement No requirement No requirement
2300×650×1680 2500×870×1700 3500×870×2180 3800×1800×2400 4400×2300×2600 4400×2300×2600

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