Twin-shaft batch mixer (DKX)

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The benchmark in mixing technology

Three-dimensional mixing with the BHS twin-shaft batch mixer (DKX)
Graphic shows the three-dimensional mixing concept of the twin-shaft batch mixer (DKX)

Our twin-shaft batch mixer (type DKX) rapidly produces mixtures with consistently high levels of homogeneity. It is a well-proven, highly reliable solution for industrial mixing processes (especially mixing of minerals) with medium to high output requirements. The machine is a classic compulsory mixer.

The BHS twin-shaft batch mixer has been successfully employed around the world for decades in the concrete industry. But this mixer has also proven to be an outstanding solution for numerous other applications. Our customers benefit from this wealth of experience. They receive a product that is well-proven, highly cost-effective and reflects the state of the art.

Turbulent zone of overlap between the two mixing cycles
Graphic showing the turbulent zone of overlap between the two mixing cycles

The twin-shaft batch mixer moves the entire mixture in a three-dimensional spiral motion. There is also an intense exchange of materials in the turbulent zone where the two mixing cycles overlap. The energy applied is optimally converted into intense relative movements of the entire mixture. Thanks to the optimized design and arrangement of the mixing tools, you will achieve consistently outstanding mixture homogeneity batch by batch, with very short mixing cycles.

The graphics below use a realistic DEM simulation to show the development of mixture homogeneity during the mixing process in a BHS twin-shaft batch mixer.

Mixture consisting of three different materials at the beginning of the mixing process
Graphic shows the mixture consisting of three different materials at the beginning of the mixing process.
Mixture homogeneity after 6 seconds of mixing
Graphic shows mixture homogeneity after 6 seconds of mixing.
Mixture homogeneity after 12 seconds of mixing
Graphic shows mixture homogeneity after 12 seconds of mixing.

BHS offers a wide variety of models in different sizes and versions. The mixer can be precisely tailored to your needs thanks to an extensive range of accessories and options.

Worldwide installations

Watch the video and learn more about the practical use of the twin-shaft batch mixer (DKX) in major projects across the globe.

Specific applications

Based on the proven twin-shaft mixing principle, BHS has improved the twin-shaft batch mixer for certain applications.

For mixing of dry mortar or binding materials, the dry powder batch mixer of type DMX is available.

The twin-shaft batch mixer of type DKXK with rubber trough is designed for mixing highly abrasive sand-lime brick material. In sand-lime brickworks, it can be used as a main mixer upstream of the reactor.

For manufacturers of concrete paving blocks, BHS offers the twin-shaft batch mixer of type DKX in a modified design. It is equally suitable for mixing the mass concrete and for producing the filigree top layer.

The Combimix process (DKXC) is ideal for the efficient utilization of limestone resources. The Combimix process turns clay-and-rock mixtures found in quarries and gravel pits into a valuable building material. Before development of this process, these mixtures had to be refilled or disposed at a landfill.

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