Single Stage Crusher

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The Description and Function of Single Stage Crusher:

This single-stage crusher can crush the mined large-sized ores to the granularity of an average of 5mm for only one time, and it is the ideal product for replacing traditional two-stage and three-stage crushing method, thus simplifying the production process and saving infrastructure investment and production cost.


The Performance Characteristics of Single Stage Crusher:

1. It is big crushing ratio and the maximum feeding granularity can reach 1.3-1.5m.

2. The discharging granularity can be adjusted in the ranges of 3-150mm.

3. The discharging materials are fine has good shape, and the content of powder-shaped materials is below 20%.

Single Stage Crusher


1. It simplifies the production process and the original two-stage or three-stage crushing can be reduced to one stage.

2. The operational cost is low; the matched power of the system is mall and the production cost is greatly reduced.

Working principle

The materials go into the crushing chamber and stack on the middle bracket specially designed in the machine, and the hammer runs in the gap between the middle bracket, and the materials will be continuously crushed and then fall down. The fell small materials will be further crushed by the hammer running with high speed and finally discharged after being screened by the arc grating plate.

Technical data

Model Type Rotor diameter Feeding size
Product Size


Single Rotor





6P   160-220





4P   280-355





6P   500-630

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