Single Cylinder Cone Crusher

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The Handling Materials and Application of Single Cylinder Cone Crusher:

Single-cylinder cone crusher is divided into standard type and short-headed type which are used for medium crushing and fine crushing respectively. It is suitable for crushing all kinds of ores and rocks with high and over-medium hardness in medium, construction, water and electricity, transportation, chemistry and building material industry.

Single Cylinder Cone Crusher

The Advantages and Benefits of Single Cylinder Cone Crusher:

1. High efficiency. 

2. Big production capacity. 

3. High-quality final products. 

4. Multiple cavity medium and fine crushing.


1. High efficiency. This hydraulic cone crusher has supporting device on both upper end and lower end of the principle axis, so that it can sustain bigger crushing force and stroke, plus the special crushing chamber corresponding to the lamination principle, making it have higher crushing efficiency.

2. Big production capacity. This hydraulic cone crusher perfectly integrates with crushing stroke, crushing speed and the shape of the crushing chamber, so that when the diameter of the big end of the movable cone is the same, the productivity of this cone crusher is improved by 35%~60% compared with that of traditional spring cone crusher.

3. High-quality final products. This hydraulic cone crusher uses unique crushing cavity and lamination crushing principle to produce crushing effect between particles, so that the cubic particles in the final products accounts higher proportion and the granularity is evener.

Working principle

When single-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher works, the electro motor drives the pinion of the crusher, the pinion drives the rack wheel, the rack wheel assembly including rack wheel, rack wheel brace and eccentric steel bushing drives the eccentric bushing assembly including eccentric cylinder liner and eccentric copper bushing and the spindle unit including principal axis, inner cone and inner cone lining plate to revolves around the theoretical perpendicular line inside the copper bushing and the spindle unit can realize rotation around the central line of the principal axis inside the eccentric copper bushing.

Technical data

SC-S series of single cylinder hydraulic cone crusher parameters:

Model cavities Maximum Feeding Size(mm) Minimum Discharging Size(mm) install Power(kw) capacity(t/h)
SC(S)100 C1 250 22 90 85-170
C2 200 19 90 70-130
SC(S)160 C1 360 25 160 125-345
C2 300 22 160 108-305
SC(S)250 C1 450 35 250 267-605
C2 400 29 250 225-515
SC(S)315 C1 560 41 315 349-1050
C2 500 38 315 318-892

Technical parameters of SC series single cylinder hydraulic cone crusher:

Model cavities Maximum Feeding Size(mm) Minimum Discharging Size(mm) install Power(kw) capacity(t/h)
SC100 F1 150 10 90 45-135
F2 90 10 90 43-118
F3 50 6 90 36-71
SC160 F1 200 13 160 69-215
F2 115 10 160 57-184
F3 75 8 160 63-126
SC250 F1 215 16 250 116-396
F2 140 13 250 97-328
F3 70 8 250 95-252
SC315 F1 275 16 315 177-662
F2 175 16 315 162-552
F3 85 13 315 195-401
SC560 F1 300 22 560 448-1512
F2 195 19 560 380-1373
F3 90 13 560 357-912
SC750 F1 370 25 750 394-2181
F2 300 19 750 342-2020
F3 230 16 750 267-1814
F4 120 13 750 248-1165
F5 85 10 750 185-1170

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