PEY Series Hydraulic Jaw Crusher

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PEY series hydraulic jaw crusher is one type tilting crusher with overload protection function.

The load of machine will soar when crushing some unbroken materials, and then the hydraulic protection device can decrease the load automatically in order to avoid the sudden load greatly impacting the body. This machine can safely be used in the crushing projects of those foreign materials with extreme hardness.

1. Movable jaw body 2. Fixed tooth plate 3. Below the shield 4. Frame body 5. Fixed tooth plate compacts 6. Top guard 7. Side fender bolts 8. Events tooth plate 9. Movable jaw plate 10. Dust collector 11. Hydraulic soft Road 12. Adjustment mats 13. Small hydraulic cylinders 14. Spring rod section 15. Spring 16. Hydraulic cylinders 17. Wear Plates 18. Ski brackets seat 19. After the bracket pad 20. Spring rod 21. Brackets 22. Front bracket pad

PEY Series Hydraulic Jaw Crusher

To open the cylinder path leading to the tank in order to reduce the pressure of oil cylinder, and the movable jaw will enlarge the discharging port under the power of weight and spring tension in order to discharge the unbroken materials, and this process can be named “over iron”. To cut off the path between fuel tank and tank after solving the above problem, and to open the oil circuit of oil cylinder can make the machine operating again by recovering the prior discharging size.

This machine is made up of three main parts: pendulum jaw mainframe, hydraulic protection device and controlling cabinet.


Working principle

Those materials being crushed will enter into the crushing chamber( made up of fixed tooth plate, movable tooth plate and side linings) from the upper, and discharged from the outlet of crushing chamber(discharging port) after being crushed by movable jaw plate. The activity of movable jaw plate is generated by the eccentric shaft rotating boosted by transmission part.

Hydraulic system is the overload protection device of the machine, which can reduce the loading pressure of the body in order to realize the purpose of protecting the body. The established sufficient hydraulic piston of hydraulic system can provide a stable support brackets in the normal crushing process. The brackets can transport the peak load to the oil system by piston when the jaw plate meets some unbroken materials, which will make the oil pressure reach the set value or more, and then the pressure of system will immediately signaled.

Technical data

Model PEY-400×600 PEY-500×750 PEY-600×900 PEY-750×1060


Size of feeding port(mm) 400×600 500×750 600×900 750×1060 300×1300
Max. Feeding size (mm) 340 425 500 630 250
Max. Feeding size(mm) 40~90 35~100 75~125 80~150 20~100
Eccentric shaft speed 30 255 250 255
Handling capacity(t/h) 30~65 50~120 80~200 120~220 40~100
Power of main motor(KW) 30 55 75 110 75
Hydraulic cylinder working pressure:5-7MPa
ylinder diameter:Φ250mm
Piston stroke:160mm
working pressure:5-8MPa
ylinder diameter:Φ320mm
Piston stroke:200mm
working pressure:11MPa
ylinder diameter:Φ400mm
Piston stroke:320mm
working pressure:5-8MPa
ylinder diameter:Φ320mm
Piston stroke:200mm
Dimensions (L x W x H) 3030x1350x1600 3300x1900x2100 3955x3360x2398 4980x2500x3100 4050x3420x1850
Weight(kg) 9480 16200 23400 37800 18200

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